UW Commencement

Pictures of virtual seats

The UW has developed a unique way for grads & their guests to join the action live during the Purple Carpet pre-show and the ceremony itself!

Graduates who fill out the Commencement Registration/Order Form can choose to be entered in a lottery giving them a chance to occupy a “seat” atop the bigscreen LED video board during the ceremony. From there they will be visible to everyone watching the event!

Lottery winners will each grab a virtual seat to view the ceremony together with their friends and family, chat and share every thrilling moment of the event. As long as the people watching the ceremony with you are within the frame of your feed, they’ll all be seen on the broadcast!

But what if you don’t win the lottery? There’s still a chance you can grab a virtual seat. There will be several virtual suites, each with 10 virtual seats that will be shared by multiple graduates and families throughout the day.  Husky grads will be popping in the video board all day long!

Our goal is to give as many graduates as possible a chance to be seen, along with their guests, during the broadcast.  Just let us know that you want to enter the lottery when you fill out the Registration/Order Form.