The 140th Annual Ceremony | June 13, 2015 at Husky Stadium

Cap and Gown

Student Academic Attire

All Husky Stadium Commencement participants must be attired in the appropriate academic apparel as outlined below. If you are attending a School, College, Departmental or other event please check to see if you will need a cap and gown. Purchase and rental prices will be announced in late February or March.

All apparel is provided by Oak Hall and must be ordered via the Registration/Order Form, at this website, from May 6 to May 24. Bachelor’s and master’s regalia is made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles.  It can be recycled after graduation at the University Book Store.  These gowns are for purchase only – there is no rental option.

Purchase/Rental Fees

Bachelor’s Set: Black gown w/seal, mortarboard, degree-colored tassel
Purchase price: $48

Master’s Set: Black master’s gown, mortarboard, black tassel, degree-colored hoodPurchase price: $72

*Note:  Are bachelor and master’s degree gowns the same?

Doctoral Set:  For Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education, Doctor of Musical Arts, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Doctor of Audiology, and Doctor of Nursing Practice

Purple gown and tam, gold tassel, Ph.D. hood


  • Option 1 – Rent all items (gown, tam and hood): . If you select this option you must return all items following Commencement.  Price $85
  • Option 2 – Rent the gown and tam and purchase the hood: Price: $199. If you choose this option you can keep your hood, but must return the gown and tam following Commencement.
  • Option 3 – Purchase full doctoral regalia. (Graduates wishing to purchase their Ph.D. regalia can contact Oak Hall directly at 1-800-223-0429). Candidates who wish to purchase doctoral apparel should still complete the web Registration/Order Form to purchase parking or to participate in the main Ceremony.

Professional Set:

  • L.L.M.: (Black Master gown & mortarboard, black tassel, degree-colored hood)
    Purchase price: $72
  • D.D.S., J.D., Pharm.D.: (Traditional black doctoral gown & mortarboard, degree-colored hood, old gold tassel)
    Rental price: $85. Purchase hood and rent gown and mortarboard: Price: $159
  • M.D.: (Traditional black doctoral gown, black tam, degree-colored hood, old gold tassel)
    Rental price: $85. Purchase hood and rent gown and tam: Price $159.

Stoles of Gratitude

Purple UW Stole of Gratitude


The stole of gratitude is awarded by the graduate to his or her parents and/or supporters in appreciation of all they have done to make the graduate’s success possible. Price: $32.




Souvenir tassel (click to enlarge)

Souvenir tassel
(click to enlarge)

Bling tassel

Bling tassel
(click to enlarge)

Key chain tassel (click to enlarge)

Key chain tassel
(click to enlarge)






  • Souvenir tassels: $8
  • Status (“bling”) tassels: $10
  • Keychain tassels: $8

Master’s Hood

Master’s candidates receiving a double degree may purchase an additional hood for the second degree. Price: $30.

Honor Cords

Special honor cords (Price: $12) are awarded to undergraduate students who have earned baccalaureate honors (Cum laude, Magna Cum Laude, Summa Cum Laude), Interdisciplinary HonorsDepartmental Honors, or College Honors (Departmental Honors plus Interdisciplinary Honors). Click on the links above for an explanation of these honors. If you have questions about College or Departmental Honors, contact the Honors Program at or (206) 543-7444.

If a graduate is eligible for Departmental Honors, the graduate’s departmental advisor needs to activate Departmental Honors in that student’s record in the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS).  (If a student is pursuing both Interdisciplinary and Departmental Honors, this gives the graduate College Honors.)  This should be done by April 18 so that the graduate can order the appropriate honors cord(s) when they order their cap and gown.

Apparel Pick Up

Apparel pick up will take place at the University Bookstore during regular book store hours.

  • Bachelor pick-up: June 2 – June 6.
  • Master’s, Ph.D., Professional pick up: June 3 – June 6.

Students will select a pick-up date when they complete the Registration/Order Form. Students must pick up their orders during the date they select. Students who indicate on the registration form that are no longer in the Seattle area will be directed via the registration/order form to specific pick up times closer to the date of the ceremony.

Third Party Pick Up

A third party may pick up your academic attire provided they have the following:

      • A signed copy of your web receipt authorizing [third-party name] to pick up your order
      • Photo ID of self

Doctoral Apparel Return

Apparel return will be at the University Bookstore, June 6 – 17, during normal bookstore hours.

Changes or Refunds on Orders

  • Once your form has been submitted, you will not be able to make changes online. Any changes required to your order (e.g., extra tickets or parking passes) may be requested at the University Book Store when picking up your order.
  • Students are responsible for checking the accuracy of their order at the time of pick up. Late notification of an error may result in additional costs.
  • Refunds for apparel will be granted only before orders are picked up at the University Book Store. Once the order has been picked up no refunds will be granted. No refunds will be granted once ceremonies begin on June 7. Please check your order before you leave the bookstore to make sure you have what you ordered. You may request a refund by completing the online Refund Form.

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