Office of Global Affairs

Race and equity initiatives

  • The Office of Global Affairs is working to remove barriers facing underrepresented students, faculty and staff and maximize opportunities for participation in global education, research and engagement.
  • We are also committed to promoting geographic, demographic and disciplinary diversity in the UW’s global initiatives.

UW Study Abroad

  • Partnering with OMAD, academic departments and other campus parters to offer more programming focused on underrepresented perspectives and underserved communities
  • Offering specialized study abroad orientations and resources
  • Carried out faculty program director focus groups

In 2015 – 2016:

  • 2186 students studied abroad
    • 46% Students of Color
    • 15% first generation college students
  • Faculty-led programs offered in 47 countries, including: Vietnam, Tanzania, South Africa, the Philippines, Peru, Norway, Nepal, Morocco, Mexico, Kenya, Jordan, Ghana, Georgia, French Polynesia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Cambodia and Barbados
  • Top 10 study abroad destinations: Italy, Spain, U.K., Japan, France, South Korea, the Netherlands, China, Germany and India

Global Opportunities

  • Provides advising and scholarships for students underrepresented in study abroad

In 2015 – 2016:

  • Expanded funding for Global Opportunities scholarships
  • 194 scholarships awarded

Global Innovation Fund

  • Provides seed funding for innovative new projects, including research, partnerships, events and study abroad programming
  • Prioritizes projects that align with the Race & Equity Initiative

In 2015 – 2016:

  • 29 awards
  • 21 schools, colleges and programs engaged
  • Projects engage partners in 15 countries across 5 regions: Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and Oceania

Future collaborations

  • We seek additional opportunities for collaboration with UW faculty, staff and students.
  • Please contact us at with questions or ideas.