Office of Global Affairs

Global Travel Security Program- new

We facilitate safe and successful global travel for UW students and employees.

Safety & Security Steps for UW Travelers


  • You must purchase insurance, apply for a travel waiver (if applicable), and complete a health and safety orientation.

Select your travel type and we will guide you through the steps:

Individual travel for curricular activities

For travel to do independent research, internships, practicums, clinical electives, fellowship programs, etc. – whether or not you plan to earn credit
Sign up for Independent Learning through UW Study Abroad

Individual travel for another UW reason

For travel to a conference or any other non-curricular, UW-related activity
Register with TRIP

Traveling with a UW group or exchange

If you’re traveling with a group led by a UW faculty or staff member or an official exchange (including UW Study Abroad students), your group leader will guide you through the steps.


Traveling independently on official travel

For official UW travel regarding research, conferences, or other UW business, you should:
Register your travel
Learn about Emergency travel assistance and insurance
Plan ahead

Leading a traditional faculty-led UW Study Abroad program

Review Program Director responsibilities

Leading or organizing a program for UW Students

Register through the UW Student Tour website

Supporting faculty and staff travel as an administrator

Register travel on behalf of a faculty or researcher
Global Operations Support for research, projects and programs

International emergency assistance

Emergency steps for UW students and employees

  1. Take whatever actions are necessary to assure your immediate safety.
  2. Call the local emergency number.
  3. Call CISI at 1-855-327-1419 (toll-free) or 1-630-694-9794 (accepts collect calls).
  4. Contact the UW Global Emergency line at 1-206-632-0153 for further assistance.

Learn more about international emergency assistance

Safety Consultations

Email for customized support