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Other gift options

Charitable Lead Trust

A lead trust makes payments to the UW for a designated period of time to support the purpose you choose. When the trust ends, the remaining assets are paid to you or other beneficiaries. A lead trust helps the UW now and can reduce the tax cost of transferring valuable assets to family members.

  • Use the Gift Calculator to estimate benefits of a Charitable Lead Trust
  • Questions about Charitable Lead Trusts?
  • Pooled Income Fund

    Your gift to the UW’s Pooled Income Fund is combined with the contributions of others. You receive annual payments based on the fund’s performance and your share of the pool. At your death, the UW withdraws your share of the fund’s assets to support your chosen purpose.

    Bargain sale

    If you sell an asset such as real estate to the UW for less than its current fair market value, you will make a “bargain sale” gift. The difference between the fair market value and the sale price constitutes a charitable gift.