Give to the UW

Gifts with immediate impact

There are many gifts in addition to cash that the UW can put to work today. These offer tax benefits (such as an income-tax deduction) and the opportunity to support current programs, establish or add to an endowment, or provide funding for capital improvements.

Charitable IRA Rollover

Also known as a Qualified Charitable Distributions, if you are aged 70 ½ or older you can now make a direct transfer from your IRA to the UW.  You can transfer up to $100,000 directly from your IRA to the UW without having to pay income tax on the money.

Real estate

The UW considers accepting all forms of real property. These include residential, commercial and industrial properties, undeveloped land and ownership interests (e.g. limited partnerships). We have an established track record of evaluating a variety of income-producing properties, including apartment, retail and office buildings.

If you own property that is fully paid off and has appreciated in value, you can deduct the fair market value of your gift, avoid all capital gains taxes and remove that asset from your taxable estate.


When they have appreciated, securities are excellent assets for charitable gifts. These include shares of stocks, bonds or mutual-fund units.

Personal property

The UW encourages gifts of tangible personal property, such as artwork, books, manuscripts, coin and stamp collections, boats and airplanes.

Charitable Lead Trust

A lead trust makes payments to the UW for a designated period of time. When the trust ends, the remaining assets are paid to you or other beneficiaries.