Give to the UW

Bequest language

A bequest is a gift by will. Every day bequests are being used to transform the lives of our students, to help our faculty inspire achievements in areas such as the arts, business and medicine, and to provide public service to the community.

A bequest can be a specific dollar amount or asset, a percentage or all of the residue of your estate, restricted (to be used for a particular purpose), unrestricted (to be used for general purposes of the university) or contingent (made only if specific conditions occur, i.e., a spouse has died before the donor). In addition, your assets remain in your control and your gift can be changed at any time should your situation change.

Sample bequest language for the University of Washington is:

“I give to the BOARD OF REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, Seattle, Washington (the “University”) _______________ Dollars ($____________)

[alternate 1:] _____________ percent (______%) of the residue of my estate.

[alternate 2:] the entire residue of my estate.

[alternate 3:] specific asset for (purpose) by (school/college/program).

If you are considering a bequest to the University of Washington and would like to receive specific language, a member of the gift planning staff would be happy to work with you or your adviser to ensure your gift does exactly what you intend.

If you have already included the UW in your estate plan, we invite you to contact us so that we may thank you and welcome you as a member of the Henry Suzzallo Society. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, your gift will be kept confidential.