Give to the UW

Student Manager

Basic responsibilities

The Student Manager provides administrative and managerial support in the Office of Annual Giving’s Student Calling Program. Basic responsibilities may vary according to area of specialization, but will include managing evening and weekend calling shifts, recruiting, hiring, training and supervising Student Callers, and/or assisting in various administrative activities pertaining to the UW Student Calling Program.

Because of the high degree of responsibility and broad scope of duties, it is important for Student Managers to work together as a team. To this end, a high commitment to the job and a willingness to be flexible and accommodating in sharing and scheduling the workload are essential components of this job.

Characteristic duties

  • Work 15-19.5 hours per week, including at least one weekend shift AND including school breaks.
  • Conduct quarterly employee recruiting campaigns, including fliers, referrals and newspaper advertisements.
  • Interview, hire and thoroughly train new Student Callers.
  • Actively participate in bi-weekly staff meetings
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before each shift to prepare calling assignments, review solicitation and employee reports, and discuss evening strategy with the Assistant Director and/or Project Manager. Also stays after the shift until all tasks are completed.
  • Create and maintain reports pertaining to campaign and employee performance.
  • Monitor Student Caller performance during calling shifts. Provide regular feedback, ongoing training and motivation to Student Callers.
  • Maintain Student Caller work schedules.
  • Monitor Student Caller pay rates and make employee raise recommendations.
  • Monitor daily progress toward goals and adjust calling strategy when necessary.
  • Make solicitation calls for a minimum of one hour each month.
  • Keep accurate log of attendance, nightly results and technical problems.
  • Develop and implement motivational strategies
  • Trouble-shoot calling station technical problems.
  • Assist Administrative Coordinator with maintenance of alumni database and processing of monthly pledge reminders
  • Check work-related e-mail at least once daily.

Minimum qualifications

  • Current employee with no less than two quarters of experience as a Student Caller.
  • Minimum commitment of one year to this position.
  • Willingness to commit at least 15 hours per week, and to work additional hours during peak periods at the beginning and ending of academic quarters.
  • Professional demeanor as befitting a representative of the Office of Advancement.
  • Demonstrated commitment to and understanding of UW’s fundraising efforts.