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SPEP Leadership Team

2018-2019 SPEP Leadership Team

Kiana SPEP Leadership AY19

Kiana Rahni – Chair

Economics & Political Science ‘20

“Philanthropy, in my mind, has always been the most impactful way to lend a hand to others around us so that they may have the same formative experiences and opportunities that have fueled our own success.”

Yu-Won SPEP Leadership AY19

Yu-Won Youn – Vice Chair and Senior Events Director

Informatics & Asia Studies ‘20

“There are so many people investing into my community and SPEP is my way of giving back in response. I love the community I’ve found and the passion people have for giving back!”

Betty SPEP Leadership AY19

Betty Zhou – Administrative Director

Informatics ‘21

“SPEP has allowed me to be more involved in the UW community by giving back through volunteering and leadership opportunities. Educating people about philanthropy is important to me because I am passionate about giving people the experiences and opportunities to pursue their own passions!”

Tami SPEP Leadership AY19

Tami Grende – Events Director

Communications ‘19

“Thanks to the donors, I am able to have the opportunity to pursue my educational dreams. SPEP is a way of giving back and educating people of how much we appreciate the donors and how they have impacted the university.”

Maverick SPEP Leadership AY19

Maverick Garces – Creative Director

Interaction Design ‘19

“SPEP has given me the chance to take my creative skills outside of the classroom and apply them to work that has real impact!”

Andy Luu Leadership AY19

Andy Luu – Volunteer Director

Informatics ‘20

“Philanthropy is a passion of mine because I believe it’s important to educate people about giving back to their community. UW has given me a ton of resources in shaping me to be successful throughout my college experience, so it’s important that I do my part in contributing to this community and the students.”

Katie SPEP Leadership AY19

Katie Wang – Volunteer Director

Psychology ‘21

“Philanthropy has always been an idea that I would Like to contribute, and SPEP allows me to put my idea in real action. Being in the SPEP leadership team, it allows me to get more involved in the campus affairs. Through SPEP, I have more opportunities to volunteer in events that enriched my college experience”

Dubs Temporary 1

Cade Wiger – Outreach Director

Seattle Family Portrait Photographer Amber Tolbert -48

Priscilla McGraw – Program Coordinator

Linguistics ‘10