August 16, 2013

Giving update: a homeowner with a heart

By adcomweb

Malcolm Goodfellow furthers his contribution to Economics and Architecture with an unusual gift.

Malcolm Goodfellow

Malcolm Goodfellow, ’87

Oftentimes when people think of making a donation, they imagine filling out a check. But Malcolm Goodfellow, ’87, was a little more creative; he gave the UW a house.

The University was able to sell the home and the profit from the sale will boost his endowments in Architecture and Economics. In the past five years, Malcolm has established endowed chairs in both departments.

For his first gift in 2008, Malcolm created the Robert R. Richards Endowed Chair in Economics. He was inspired by one of the men he looks up to most — his uncle Bob Richards, ’61 — who was former chair of the UW’s Economics Visiting Committee and a guest professor.

Then in 2011, Malcolm created the first endowed chair in the Department of Architecture, a school within the College of Built Environments. This time he wanted to honor his teacher Barry Onouye, who was a senior lecturer before his retirement in 2011. An architecture and construction management major himself, Malcolm said that he wouldn’t be where he is today without the mentorship he received from Barry or the education he got from the UW.

Make a Gift
Support alumni like Malcolm and contribute to the Barry Onouye Distinguished Chair or the Robert R. Richards Endowed Chair in Economics.

Following his graduation in 1987, Malcolm quickly found a job as an engineer, which led him into the hotel business. He later built two hotels and hired a lot of students from the UW.

“When they worked in the evenings, I would encourage them do their homework when business was slow,” he said.

Because the University draws so many people to Seattle, Malcolm credits the UW for much of the hotel traffic that came his way. Donating the house, he said, was not only his way of honoring important people in his life, but also his way of giving back.

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