December 2, 2012

GIVING IN ACTION: Making Dreams Come True (Fabiola)

By UW Foundation

IN FABIOLA’S WORDS: Before I even enrolled, the UW had touched my life.

At my rural high school, I had the opportunity to study in a biomedical research lab through a UW program focused on HIV, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. I also stepped onto the UW campus during an accounting awareness program with other college-bound teens, which piqued my interest in business. For a long time, I couldn’t decide between the two. Private support has allowed me the freedom to explore both, as well as the world beyond.

Last year, I completed a business internship at Boeing and I traveled to Honduras to study sanitation and public health. This year, I studied race relations abroad in London. The vision and kindness of a stranger made these opportunities possible for me, as did the moral support of my family.

My parents had an idea that hard work would lead to better opportunities, including education. They worked long hours in manufacturing and assembly jobs so my brother and I could have food on the table. To honor their sacrifices, I want to live my life for others. That’s why I volunteer with UW’s MEChA student group, a leadership program for Latino youth that encourages higher education. I intend to lead by example, like my parents did.

I know Dovie Samuelson wanted to help people who would make a positive change in the world. I’m working hard to honor Dovie’s legacy, make my parents proud and pay it forward.


The Mentor
Fabiola Arroyo

Year: Sophomore

Areas of study: Business and biomedical sciences

Big dream: Pursue graduate school and pave the way for more Latinos in business and science

Dreams supported by: Dovie Samuelson Endowed Scholarship

“Many young women, especially from families with limited means, struggle to go to college and get ahead. My grandmother managed to do this despite the odds against her. She inspired me to achieve my professional goals. The Dovie Samuelson scholarship aims to make the burden less onerous for talented young women like Fabiola who, because of the scholarship, can concentrate on learning. I know my grandmother would be so proud of our Dovies.” – Pamela Samuelson

Make a Gift
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