Student Financial Aid

Getting paid

How you get paid depends on whether you work on or off campus. In most cases you will be paid at your work place. On-campus employees may elect to have their paychecks directly deposited to their bank accounts; some off-campus employers may offer the same service. If you work on-campus you are paid twice a month, the 10th and 25th of each month. If these days fall on a weekend you are paid on either Friday or Monday.

How much you get paid (hourly pay rate) also depends on whether you work on campus or off campus. The range for on-campus pay rates is set by the Employee Relations Office; individual departments assign the pay rate for each job within the Student Employment Pay Schedule. Pay rates for graduate students who hold Work Study Graduate Assistant appointments are determined by the Graduate School. Off-campus pay rates are determined by the employer but must be at least equal to the entry-level rate that the employer would pay a non-Work Study employee doing similar work.

On-Campus Work Study employment requires you to use Time Tracking in Workday.  Your employer is responsible to hire and enter you in the Workday system so that it will notify you each pay period to submit your work hours.  The Workday payroll schedule gives you an idea of the time line. Once you have submitted your work hours, the supervisor will receive notification to approve in Workday.   Late submission of hours will be processed the following pay period.  Please check with the Work Study Office if you are an America Reads/Counts employee for specific instructions on submitting work hours.

Off-campus employers pay their Work Study students directly, according to the same schedule used to pay their other employees (must be at least once each month). You should find out what this schedule is when you are hired. After you are paid, the off-campus employer contacts the Work Study Office for reimbursement of a portion of your wages. This reimbursement procedure requires that you sign an off-campus time sheet verifying your hours and the amount of pay you received.

NOTE: Work Study earnings are taxable; appropriate taxes will be deducted from your paychecks by your employer. (If you work on-campus, FICA will be deducted during periods of non-enrollment.) Work Study earnings must be reported to the IRS for tax purposes, but will not be counted against your eligibility when reported on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (see FAFSA instructions or consult with a financial aid counselor).