Student Financial Aid

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The University of Washington is one of the most affordable, high quality educational experiences around. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance placed the UW in the top 15 nationally as one of the best values in education among schools identified as offering academic excellence at affordable prices to out-of-state students. Here are the estimated costs for an out-of-state, undergraduate student to attend the University of Washington.

2016-17 Student Budget
Tuition and Fees $ 34,791
Books/supplies $ 825
Room and Board $ 11,691
Personal Expenses $  2,265
Transportation* $ 414
Total $ 49,986

* Students can let our office know if their costs to travel to and from the University of Washington will exceed this local transportation allowance – adjustments for reasonable travel costs will be approved and costs.

Although the tuition cost is a firm cost, students can often save on the amount estimated for books, room and board and personal expenses. We think the estimate of these expenses is a good guide for families when planning for the costs of education. However, they are estimates and families should develop an individual student budget to determine how much is needed based on the student’s lifestyle and spending patterns. We do know of students who live in the area around the University of Washington and make significant savings to the living costs above, it all depends on the place you choose to live, the number of roommates and your personal lifestyle choices.

When developing your own individual student budget or when comparing schools by cost of attendance, it is important to note the cost of living in each school’s location. Here are some comparisons with Seattle, WA that may help you gauge the true cost of living in this area.

Cost of Living Indexes – % above US average
Seattle Honolulu San Francisco Boston New York City
Overall Costs 154.3 199.2 242.6 160.7 168

Compare the University of Washington’s estimated student budget (not including tuition) given the higher cost of living in these cities:

Seattle $14,637 equates to:
$18,896 in Honolulu 29% higher than Seattle
$23,013 in San Francisco 57% higher than Seattle
$15,244 in Boston 4% higher than Seattle
$15,937 in New York 9% higher than Seattle

You can visit cost of living calculators to find other cost comparisons to cities not listed above at

We know the cost of education is an important factor for families in choosing a college. We also know that the amount of financial aid available can help make attending college affordable. Although we have limited grant and scholarship funds available for out-of state students, please visit our website for information about our financial aid programs.