Updated as of 10/10/2023

The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund III (HEERF III) is authorized by the American Relief Plan (ARP), Public Law 117-2, signed into law on March 11, 2021 for emergency financial aid grants to students for expenses related to the pandemic.

Reports and Disclosures

Q3CY23 HEERF Quarterly Report 00379800_HEERF_Q32023_101023 – Final

Q2CY23 HEERF Quarterly Report 00379800_HEERF_Q22023_071023_REVISED_101023

Q1CY23 HEERF Quarterly Report 00379800_HEERF_Q12023_041023

Q4CY22 HEERF Quarterly Report 00379800_HEERF_Q42022_011023

Q3CY22 HEERF Quarterly Report 00379800_HEERF_Q32022_101022

Q2CY22 HEERF Report 00379800_HEERF_Q22022_070722_REVISED_101022

Q2CY22 HEERF Quarterly Report 00379800_HEERF_Q22022_070722

Q1CY22 HEERF Quarterly Report 00379800_HEERF_Q12022_040722

HEERF III Report – March 31, 2022 (pdf)

Q4CY21 HEERF Quarterly Report 00379800_HEERF_Q42021_010122

HEERF III Report – December 30, 2021 (pdf)

HEERF Quarterly Reporting – September 30, 2021 (pdf)

HEERF III Report – October 5, 2021 (pdf) 

HEERF III Report – July 7, 2021 Revised (pdf)

HEERF Quarterly Reporting – June 30, 2021 – Revised (pdf)