Federal Relations

July 28, 2020

Senate Republicans Release Their Relief Package

Late yesterday afternoon, the Senate Republicans released their anticipated COVID relief package. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has said in the past that this is the last COVID relief bill that the Republicans will consider.

The package itself is made up of a number of different bills, with each one dealing with a different set of issues.  The bills of most relevance to UW include the following:

  • a supplemental appropriations bill that provides additional funding to institutions of higher education and for limited additional research support;
  • a bill from the HELP Committee chairman that addresses, among others, issues around student loans and borrowers; and,
  • a set of provisions from the Finance Committee that deals with tax and business issues.

We will provide summaries of the key provisions in the different measures in the near future.

This package of provisions will serve as the starting point for the Senate Republicans in their negotiations with the Democrats.