Federal Relations

May 23, 2020

What We’re Reading this Week (May 18th-22nd, 2020)

Below is a selection of articles the Federal Relations team read this week.

COVID-19: The US Department of Health and Human Services invested $1 billion in an Oxford University COVID vaccine, to be mass-produced by AstraZeneca. More states relax restrictions as concerns over PPE and rising death tolls continue. Live updates at CNN.

Pakistan Airliner: A Pakistan International Airlines plane crashed into a residential area in Karachi on Friday killing 97 people. The black box has just been recovered. More at Al Jazeera.

Calls for PM Adviser to Step Down: Many in the UK have called for Dominic Cummings, Senior Adviser to PM Boris Johnson, to resign after he made a 260 mile trip to be with relatives as his wife developed COVID symptoms. More at BBC.

NYSE: The trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange will reopen on Tuesday after an 8 week closure due to COVID. PPE and distancing guidelines will be in place, and only 25% of traders will be on the floor. More at CBS.