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Class A Legislation #170: Secretary of the Faculty Qualifications

Class A Legislation #169: Voting Time Limits

Class A Legislation #168: Faculty Council on Tri-campus Policy Membership

Class A Legislation #167: Elected Faculty Council Membership

Class A Legislation #166: Faculty Senate Ex-Officio Membership 

Class A Legislation #165: Clinical Practice Faculty

Merit Review Town Hall Recordings

Open Access Report

The June 2016 Open Access Report and separate Open Access Policy + FAQ pages are on the Libraries’ Scholarly Publishing and Open Access webpage. The Faculty Senate will be acting on Open Access Class B legislation at a spring quarter meeting. That legislation will be placed here when’s it’s ready for review.

Faculty union information

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University faculty councils

Visit the university faculty councils webpage to find a faculty council. Current issues and activities for each council, updated for each Faculty Senate meeting, are also available.

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Textbook Royalties

On September 15, 2008, the Washington State Executive Ethics Board released a news item stating that it is a violation of the Washington State Ethics Act for a faculty member who is a state employee to make a profit on the sale of his or her textbooks to students at his or her educational institution.