Driver Safety Training & Resources

Driver Safety and Awareness Training

Before driving a UW-owned vehicle, faculty, staff and students must complete Driver Safety & Awareness Training as well as review and acknowledge applicable policies.

As of July 1, 2015 the Full Sized Van Safety training has been combined with the Driver Safety & Awareness training. All operators of UW-owned full sized cargo vans must satisfy the biennial refresher requirement by taking the new Driver Safety & Awareness course. If a full size van operator needs access to refresh training but is unable to do so, please contact Fleet Safety at 206-221-6838.


Specified Driver Program

Specified drivers are:

  1. At-fault for 2 accidents in a UW-owned vehicle in a 24 month period
  2. At-fault for at least 1 accident causing any injury in a 24 month period
  3. Drive 1,000 miles or more per month for at least 6 months in a one year period
In accordance with Washington’s Enterprise-wide Transportation Policy Section 12.20.20, specified drivers who obtain this status from being involved in too many accidents shall have their ability to drive a UW-owned vehicle suspended until they can complete an appropriate driver skills instruction course. UW Departments needing assistance should contact Fleet Safety at 206-221-6838.

UW Driving Safety Policies & Guidance

Driver Safety Resources

Fleet Services provides guidance regarding safe driving practices and resources to drivers and departments that reinforce driving safety: