Outside Agency Vehicle Rental

Fleet Services charges a rental coordination fee. This fee is in place to recover Fleet Services administrative costs associated with outside agency rental coordination.

Reasons to rent with an outside agency

  • The passengers or drivers requesting a vehicle are not authorized to ride in the vehicle. See the list of authorized drivers and passengers here.
  • The client is flying into SeaTac and would like to pick up a vehicle from the airport.
  • The client is driving a long distance and would like to utilize the unlimited mileage benefit of outside rental agencies.

Click HERE for Enterprise rates and location information.

Please note, outside agency requests may only be made by University staff, students or faculty and may only be paid for with a six digit University budget number. Outside agency requests may only be arranged with Seattle area rental agencies. To make reservations outside the Seattle area please visit the UW Travel website.

Allowable Enterprise vehicle class rentals

The State of Washington requires that compact, standard or full size vehicle rentals are allowable.  All other vehicle classes require justification (e.g. SUV used of off-road use or inclement weather) per http://f2.washington.edu/fm/travel/cars.

Fleet Services can no longer request 12-passenger vans from any outside vendor.

Please fill out the form below to request an outside agency vehicle. Turnaround time can take up to 24 hours for outside rental requests. Requests received after 3 p.m. may be processed the following business day. The rental office will e-mail a confirmation when the reservation has been completed.

Numbers only. Do not include hyphen. “123456”

Specify other location

Note: Fleet Services can no longer request 12 passenger vans from any outside vendor.

Specify other vehicle type

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Describe the status of the driver(s).

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