Training Academy Course Catalog

Communicating in the FS Workplace

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a good organization. This course will cover the basic communication model, the characteristics of SOLID communication, including how to give and receive feedback. Length of class 1 hour (All FS Staff)

Communication for Supervisors

This course will outline the steps of effective communication: including how to give and receive feedback, how to prepare for a feedback session and ways to help set the stage for giving feedback to employees. Length of Class: 1.5 hours (All FS Leadership)

Conflict in the FS Workplace

Conflict is inevitable, and the goal is not to eliminate conflict but rather learn to manage conflict to enhance a productive workplace. The class will examine the positives and negatives of conflict and how to manage conflict using different styles. Length of Class: 1 hour (All FS Staff)

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, and open-minded, and informed by evidence. Lean requires that employees have a clear understanding of critical thinking and use it in every aspect of their work. This class will identify the skills that underlie critical thinking and help a person identify and practice those skills. Length of Class: 1 hour (All FS Staff)

Customer Service in FS

Customer service is an important element in a world class organization, the basics of providing customer service and delivering excellence will be covered. The course will cover basic tips for effective customer service which involves keeping the customer in mind when doing any work. Length of Class: 1 hour (All FS Staff)

Earthquake Awareness

Did you know that Seattle sits on top of a major fault known as the Seattle Fault Zone? Earthquakes pose a serious threat to life and property in Washington, particularly the Puget Sound region. Washington has the second highest risk of economic loss caused by earthquakes in the nation, behind only California. Learn about the three types of earthquakes that occur in the Puget Sound region and Western Washington, mitigation steps you can take to reduce your risk as well as personal preparedness tips for you and your family. Length of Class: 1 hour (All FS Staff)

FS Practical Leader: Confidence in the Contract

Does the bargaining language in the union contract seem over-whelming and confusing to understand? Are you afraid you might say the wrong thing and “ooops, now you’ve done it…”. Worry no more---come and join a discussion with like-minded supervisors and managers and de-mystify the contract language while learning how to better manage the Articles that you use the most. This workshop has been well received by your peers and follow up discussions prove that FS supervisors and managers feel more comfortable discussing the union contracts and are more confident in being able to work with their employees to achieve mutually satisfying results! Length of Class: 2 hours (All FS Leadership)

FS Practical Leader: How to hire a winner, not a whiner

Hiring is one the most important things supervisors and managers do in their job. Learn tips about how to hire the right person for the job. This class help supervisors evaluate and update job descriptions, determine relevant interview questions, and know what to look for when reviewing resumes. Explore the three prong hiring model that includes written, verbal and performance components. Length of Class: 2 hours (All FS Leadership)

FS Practical Leader: Making cent$ out of payroll

Learn about leave administration, the payroll process and your role as a supervisor. Gain a better understanding of the leave policies and procedures governed by the union contracts and UW policies. Topics covered include: Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), disability leave, timecard approval and the resources available in AiM, Online Work/Leave System (OWLS) and Report Manager. Length of Class: 2 hours (All FS Leadership)

  • Note: Participants are required to bring their NetID and password.

FS Practical Leader: Managing for Performance

The intent of this Corrective Action training for the FS Practical Leader is to help management gain and enhance the tools needed as a supervisor to issue comprehensive, considerate and responsive corrective action to assist an employee with their performance improvement. This is an opportunity to discuss and address what a Leader can do to manage this process. Length of Class: 2 hours (All FS Leadership)

FS Practical Leader: Safety it's more than PPE

The FS Practical Leader Safety training is designed to assist leaders with a greater understanding of our safety responsibilities. This course will touch on the tools and procedures already in place which will help leaders manage the health and safety of their employees. Topics discussed in the training include: Safety Resources and Training, OARS/Accident Reporting, L&I Claims and Regulated Building Materials. This training is an opportunity for our leaders to become unified messengers for mastering good health and safety practices! A key role of supervisors in FS is to help improve the health and safety of their employees. Overview of safety and health program in Facilities Services and the supervisor’s role; accident prevention, investigation and reporting; site investigations and safety audits; safety training and the tools to stay in compliance Length of Class: 2 hours (All FS Leadership)

FS Practical Leader: The 1,2,3's of Financial Management

The Financial Management Practical Leader class is designed to provide insights to managers and leaders into the University and Facilities Services financial processes. Topics that are discussed include types of funds, budgets, expenditures, financial transactions, reporting and analysis, rate development, and procurement. At the end of the class, managers should have gained a basic understanding and introduction into these financial processes to better enable their overall job performance. Managing resources and budgets is a key part of being a supervisor. Learn about the rules governing expenditures of University funds. Understand the approval process and documentation and basics of fiscal responsibility. Length of Class: 2 hours (All FS Leadership)

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Thursday, September 22, 2016 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


How to Build a Disaster Kit

This class will teach you what emergency supplies you need, where to purchase them and the best place to store them and use them. We all have someone that depends on us, children, elders, pets, our employer, etc… Are YOU prepared? They are counting on you because they DEPEND on YOU to be there in an emergency. Learn helpful tips to prepare our loved ones so that we can be a dependable resource to the UW and our community. Length of Class: 1 hour (All FS Staff)

How to conduct an effective meeting

Running an effective meeting does not happen by accident; learn the basic rules to meeting management. This class will cover how to: conduct a meeting, create an agenda, manage disruptive participants and keep the meeting on track. Length of Class: 1 hour (All FS Staff)

Introduction to FS Lean

This course will cover the basic principles of lean and how lean is used at Facilities Services at University of Washington. This class is designed for employees who have not been part of a Lean launch, but closely working with Lean teams. The class will cover Lean principles, value stream mapping, and visual management systems. Length of Class: 2 hour (All FS Staff)

Seasonal Preparedness

Puget Sound can expect severe storms once every 3-4 years. These types of both summer and winter storms (ice or wet, heavy and sticky snow or extended heat waves or drought) can grind the whole city to a halt, shutting down transportation systems, and placing demands on the power systems. During these types of storms, accidents rise among those who try to drive and can trap people at home or work. Learn about the predicted winter ahead and how to get your home and family ready. Length of Class: 1 hour (All FS Staff)