2015 Monthly FS Leadership Meeting Presentations

February 25, 2015

Phil Clements, UW Labor Relations presentation on Leading and Managing Change

June 24, 2015

Peter Denis, Assistant VP of Human Resources presentation on Collective Agreement Updates

2014 Monthly FS Leadership Meeting Presentations

December 10, 2014

Charles Kennedy held his AVP Quarterly Meeting and introduced the new FS Strategy Map to FS Leadership. Kevin Kramer also shared tools about how to create BSC measures. December 2014 AVP Quarterly Meeting

April FS Monthly Leadership Meeting

Jon Payne, UW Medicine Conflict Resolution Specialist discussed the methods how to have Difficult Conversations

February FS Monthly Leadership Meeting

Andrew Berg, UW Labor Relations talked about Understanding the Contract in Everyday Business

2013 Monthly FS Leadership Meeting Presentations

April FS Monthly Leadership Meeting

Peter Denis, V.P. of UW Labor Relations joined us for his annual LR update. Joining Peter was Andrew Berg and Carly Gilham who also provide excellent guidance and support to Facilities Services and the UW. Topics for discussion included a review of Peter’s infamous “Management Rights” guidelines, double discipline-what it is and what it isn’t, 2013-2015 updates to the collective bargaining agreement. Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation Labor Relations April 2013 FS Leadership Meeting

March 27, 2013

Charles Kennedy held his AVP Quarterly Meeting and introduced the new FS Training Center to FS Leadership. Charles also talked about the success of Lean throughout FS and how that is shaping how we do things and also touched on the status of the current legislative session and how that may impact UW. March 2013 AVP Quarterly Meeting

February 27, 2013

Rachel Guidon and Anne Marie Marshall presented results from the CAP Lean Team and introduced online forms and tools that are now available on the ORR Resource page. CAP Lean Team Presentation

January 23, 2013

Mary Jo Blahna shared an Effective Feedback Corrective Action Process with the FS Leadershop team: SOLID. This idea helps to keep communication focused by being: *Specific - *Owned - *Listen actively - *Issue oriented - *Descriptive. Effective Feedback

2012 Monthly FS Leadership Meeting Presentations

November 14, 2012

Charles presented an AVP Quarterly report at the FS Monthly Leadership meeting in Kane Hall. AVP Quarterly Update

October 31, 2012

Chip Lydum, Associate Director of Athletics, Capital Projects and Operations, was our guest presenter at the 10/31/12 FS Monthly Leadership Meeting. Chip provided an indepth update on the Husky Stadium project.

September 26, 2012

We covered a variety of informational topics at our FS Monthly Leadership Meeting. We introduced Joanie Moran, UW Employment Specialist supporting FS. Many of you had not yet met Joanie, face to face, and she was available for Q&A. Peter Denis, V.P. of Labor Relations, talked about Double Discipline - what it is and what it isn’t. We know there have been questions and concerns about this and Peter was there to clear up any misconceptions. Finally, the ORR team made an update on a recent initiative designed to make the Corrective Action Process more effective and streamlined.

August 29, 2012

Sara Bridges from Transportation Services’ RideShare Program gave an excellent presentation on RideShare options available on the UW Seattle campus. Share a Ride

Norman Arkans, UW AVP for Media Relations and Communications, discussed “Protocol for Media Contacts” for FS Managers and Supervisors. Norman provided a very helpful two page document covering our basic responsibilities when we come in contact with the press. Also included below are Norman’s talking points “You and the Media”.
Protocol for Media Contacts
You and the Media

July 18, 2012

Melanie DeLeon, Executive Director of the Washington State Executive Ethics Board in Olympia and an attorney who often partners with UW, talked about ethics topics for Managers and Supervisors.
Ethics Training
Washington State Executive Ethics Board

June 27, 2012

Erin Rice, Director of Campus Employee Relations, presented Managerial Tips and Training on Workplace Harassment Avoidance, including Sexual Harassment.
Workplace Harassment Avoidance

May 30, 2012

We hosted a presentation on litigation training and coaching by Robert (Bob) M. Howie. Bob is an attorney with Riddell Williams in Seattle and many of you know Bob from working with him over the years. We work hard and smart to avoid litigious situations but in this day and age, that is not always possible. Bob’s presentation covered 10 mistakes that Managers might make regarding the possibility of litigation, and how to avoid them.
Top Ten Management Mistakes

April 25, 2012

The FS Monthly Leadership Meeting for Wednesday, April 25 included the following presentations: Employee Recognition / EEOP update with Clayton Brainerd (ORR), Grounds update with Howard Nakase (M&A) and Transportation Project updates with Peter Dewey (TS).
Employee Recognition and EEOP Update
Grounds Management Update
Transportation Project Updates

March 21, 2012

The FS Monthly Leadership Meeting for Wednesday, March 21 featured Charles Kennedy presenting his AVP Quarterly Organizational update.
AVP Quarterly Update

February 22, 2012

Steve Charvat presented an overview of the Evacuation and Emergency Operation Plan (EEOP) and Peter Denis, V.P. of UW Labor Relations, presented a 2012 labor update.
Evacuation and Emergency Operation Plan (EEOP) Overview
2012 Labor Update

January 18, 2012

Cancelled due to snow