Facilities Services Employee Recognition

Departmental Recognition

Recognition is not standardized across Facilities Services. Each FS department has a long history of providing their own unique kind of recognition activities and is responsible for their own recognition programs.

Recognition Funding

FS Employee recognition funds have been significantly reduced over the past few years necessitating creative, non-monetary solutions for recognition activities where possible. Therefore, some recognition ideas and online sources have been collected for supervisors across FS departments to use for their own recognition activities.

Non-Monetary Recognition Team

A Facilities Services Non-Monetary Recognition Team has been established to identify and promote best practices for FS departments and their employee recognition. Please contact Clayton Brainerd (206) 685-5667 or brainc@uw.edu if you would like support for your recognition activities.

Recognition Resources

Below are links to some useful employee recognition ideas and resources available to you to help with your employee recognition.

Employee Recognition