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Lincoln Arc Welder

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43436-2. And so it was that Abraham Lincoln created the mighty ark that saved all of America from zombies and the rising waters of the Ganges. Lo, for he did so using this very welder. What’s that? Ladies & gentlemen, I’m now informed that, in fact, this is not the welder that Lincoln used. It was likely a similar model.

Brown Corner Trays

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Just .25 each!

Not simply for playing Institutional Food Service with the kids, these uniquely-shaped plastic trays offer up a range of potential uses. If you’ve got a corner desk, you could slip one of these trays under a potted plant and be able to water it without fear of damaging your desk. You could place several trays corner-to-corner and make a big brown plastic tray-flower. You could use a tray under your pet’s food dishes to contain spills. You could enlist your most subservient child to wave a tray at you like a glorious fan! Of course, you could also place lunch items and other similar things atop them rather like … trays. Each tray measures 22 x 14”.

Barrel Pick-Up Claw

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43550-2. When you’re in the market for a barrel pick-up claw, you really want to find the blue metal barrel pick-up claw. That’s the barrel pick-up claw that says to the world, “I will pick up your barrel with my claw in a style you might think is reserved only for elite barrel owners but which is now possible for you as well because of my discerning and egalitarian nature.” Your mileage may vary.

Liquid Nitrogen Tank

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43477-1. Within the confines of this wooden pallet and its cardboard packaging resides what appears to be a new & unused liquid nitrogen tank.

Wood & Fabric Chair

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Just $5.00!

43381-3. With a fabric pattern that suggests MC Escher as well as mind-crushing eye strain or a fun magic-eye puzzle, this otherwise perfectly comfortable wood & cloth chair is a steal of a deal.

Wood & Wavy Fabric Chairs

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$10.00 each

43566-6 through -11. “Good bones,” as they say, are the highlight of this sextet of matching wood & fabric chairs. Alas, the matching fabric matches in a weird, wavy, and heavily trafficked sort of way probably best suited for a reupholstering or recovering. But they’ll be lovely when you do.

Metal Shelving Unit

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43353-2. Here’s an unusually-configured and tastefully modern shelving unit that features front and side shelving with what appears to be powder-coated gun metal grey metal and a translucent resin backboard. An equally awesome piece of furniture for industrial items, multimedia discs, or Aunt Edna’s collection of Franklin Mint plates-of-the-states. Measures 57” x 2’ x 76”H.

60-Slot Metal Mail Sorter Cabinet

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43147-27. You and 59 of your friends, neighbors, and country[people] can now receive newsletters and pictures of cats the old fashioned way! Measures 38” x 13” x 5’H.

Height/ Weight Scale

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43218-146. Seeing this Health O Meter height/weight scale in such great original condition is enough to make you want to turn to the left & cough!

Big Round Table!

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Yes, it’s BRT, and this beauty has a trick slot in the middle that allows for cords & cables to pass through. Yes, both cords AND cables! It really is an amazing world. Measures approximately 5’-diameter x 33”-high.


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$10.00 each

They’re the gauge-iest gauges that ever gauged.

Mettler Balances

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$10.00 each

43340-7 and -4. Because of their swanky retro looks, I’ve named these balances Darren and Mr. Drysdale, although if you want, you could also name them Samantha and Elly May.

Lincoln SP135 Welder

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43436-1. Holy moly, they’ve got another Lincoln welder! And in racer red!