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Assorted Metal Grid & Diamond Panels

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$35.00 - $225.00 each, as marked

Grab these shiny metal diamond plates and grid panels and convert any room into an industrially-serious zone (note: doing this to your sister’s room while she’s at cheer camp is not nice, and frankly, she’s tired of your shenanigans).

Assorted Old School Gauges, Hardware, and Doohickies

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$1.00 - $50.00 each, as marked

The Liar’s Club was a great old 1970s game show hosted by Allen Ludden (Betty White’s husband, usually wearing some fantastic safari jacket) in which a celebrity panel was handed an obscure object they each had to explain to contestants. The contestants would have to guess which celebrity was telling the truth about the object. Looking at this well-preserved collection of assorted old gauges, hardware, and doohickies (technical term there), I’d say every single object from The Liar’s Club may well be represented here.


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42980-9. Each side opens out like an old Malibu Barbie Dreamhouse. It looks really cool, and it measures Very Tiny Amounts of Stuff, but the best thing is probably that it all seals up in a case with a handle so you can take your balancing act on the road. Marked FPE 500 milligrams.

Gallon Paint Shaker

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43014-1. Everybody do the Paint Shake! By Red Devil.

Humidifier Heaters

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$20.00 each (12 available)

Behold, the Concha Therm Hi-Flow humidifier heater, catalog number 380-55R. We’ve got 12 of them, and while I can’t for the life of me see how these keep delicious conch warm, I usually just wait and order it at a seafood restaurant like everybody else.

Surveyor’s Tripods

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$40.00 - $50.00 each, as marked

If you need a support for your theodolites, total stations, and/ or transits (and/or if you know what theodolites, total stations, and/ or transits are), we’ve got you set with these handy tripods. Get out there and SURVEY! By Wild and Dietzgen.

Vintage Surveyor Equipment

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$550.00 (others available, from $295 & up)

2 left!
In this photo: 41943-57: surveyor transit in wooden crate with original label, by C.L. Berger & Sons. While we’re fairly certain things won’t appear older when surveyed with this equipment, we can attest that the equipment itself looks amazing. I would totally put one of these on display in my house just because that’s how I roll. “Yeah, back when I was a surveyor” stories are just now warming up.

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