Audio/Video Equipment

Items shown represent a small selection of current inventory.

Eurorack Line Mixer

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43689-1. Think of it as an aural blender.

Kodak Darkroom Light

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42579-37. Okay, digital children, stop asking what a darkroom is. We know you can Google that on your various devices. This specimen is in particularly nice shape.

Old School Slide Projector

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43492-49. I’d go so far as to say this gem is pre-old-school. And maybe even before that. By Viewlex.

Overhead Projectors

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$5, $10, and $20 each, as marked

Yes, we really do get asked frequently if we have overhead projectors, so we figure a lot of you have stuff you want to project overhead, and to that we say, “Come and get ‘em.” Currently, we’ve got some nice models by 3M and Bell & Howell.

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