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Government Relations

External Affairs

The Office of External Affairs brings together units responsible for influencing public policy and opinion, communicating about the university priorities, challenges and achievements and strengthening the university’s reputation and the perceptions people hold of it. Units include the offices responsible for government and community relations at the federal, state, regional and Spokane/Eastern Washington levels, UW Video and an executive and administrative staff. The government relations teams advocate for the UW’s priorities, provide advice on legislative strategy, build and maintain relationships and raise awareness of emerging issues and opportunities. The Office of External Affairs also engages in vigorous outreach and engagement by hosting elected officials, staff and other key business and civic stakeholders on campus and at other UW locations throughout the state.

Randy Hodgins headshot

Randy Hodgins

Vice President

Contact: | 206-616-8965

Federal Relations

The Office of Federal Relations is located in Washington, D.C. where the staff represents the university to both legislative and executive branches of the federal government, participates in a variety of national forums and advocates for UW priorities. The office also serves as a portal for the federal government and national organizations to the UW and as an access point for UW leadership to the nation’s capital. Through regular reports and visits with campus personnel, the office provides information about national trends, opportunities and policy developments. Information and updates on what is happening in Washington, D.C. can be found on the UW Federal Relations blog.

Sarah Castro Headshot

Sarah Castro


Contact: | 202-624-1426

Sang Han headshot

Sang Han

Associate Director

Contact:  |  202-624-1424

State Relations

The Office of State Relations is located in Olympia and Seattle and works with state legislators, statewide elected officials and state agency officials to advance the university’s academic and legislative agenda. The office’s four main areas of responsibility include facilitating positive relationships with state government; advocating on behalf of the university; educating the campus community about state issues; and ensuring compliance with state public disclosure laws. To keep up with the latest from State Relations, check out their blog.

Joe Dacca Headshot

Joe Dacca


Contact: | 206-543-7604

Morgan Hickel

Associate Director

Contact:  |  206-303-8864

Jordan Caron


Contact:  |  206-798-5538

Regional & Community Relations

The Office of Regional & Community Relations serves as a link between the university and its surrounding neighborhoods, civic groups and Central Puget Sound governments. The office strives to build collaborative relationships between these groups through information sharing, and continually seeks new opportunities to match the university’s academic capital with needs in the region and the local community. For news and updates on what is going on in the UDistrict and surrounding region, visit the UW Regional & Community Relations blog.

Aaron Hoard headshot

Aaron Hoard

Deputy Director

Contact:  |  206-221-7684

W Campus Photo

Colleen Boyce

Assistant to the Directors

Contact:  | 206-616-727

Tribal Relations

The Office of Tribal Relations located in the Seattle coordinates the government to government relationship between the University and the American Indian tribes across the state and northwest region. The Director of Tribal Relations serves as the primary point of contact for Tribal issues and acts as a liaison between the University and Tribal governments and is responsible for strengthening the relationship with Tribal governments in a mutually reinforcing and sustainable partnership.

Sherri Berdine


Contact: | 206-532-3504

Spokane and Eastern Washington Relations

The Office of Spokane & Eastern Washington Relations represents the university to the government, business and civic communities in Spokane and throughout Eastern Washington. From medical , physician assistant and dental education in Spokane to numerous research and educational initiatives throughout Eastern Washington, the office aims to build and strengthen relationships across the region and seeks opportunities for new partnerships. Learn more about the UW Spokane Center on the center’s website.

Catherine Brazils headshot

Catherine Brazil


Contact: | 509-838-8989