Disaster Plan

Prepare Yourself And Your Family

Create Your Disaster Plan

Disaster planning is everyone’s responsibility. Workplace and schools must have disaster plans, but what about you and your family? Before the next earthquake, get together with your family or housemates to plan now what you will do before, during and after. By planning now, you will be ready. This plan will also be useful for other emergencies.

Identify A Safe Place In Each Room

  • Identify a safe place in each room of your home and practice rapidly getting there. Best locations include under a sturdy desk or table, or beside a sturdy, large piece of furniture such as a sofa or bed. Avoid doorways; doors will bang open and shut in a large earthquake.

Practice Home-Evacuation Drills

  • Practice home-evacuation drills. Choose someplace nearby for your family to meet. Expect a lack of transportation.

Educate Your Children

  • Educate your children. Get a copy of your school district’s disaster policy regarding transportation and the release of students. Keep photos of family members in your wallet in case someone is missing.

Take A First-Aid Course

  • Take a first-aid course. Learn CPR.

Know Where The Nearest Police And Fire Station Are Located

  • This includes knowing the route to the nearest hospital emergency room. Know the route to the nearest hospital emergency room. Keep critical phone numbers and your insurance-policy numbers by your phone and in your wallet.

- Enter Your “ICE” - In Case of Emergency - Numbers on Your Cellphone

  • - Enter Your “ICE” - In Case of Emergency - Numbers on Your Cellphone numbers on your cellphone so emergency workers will know whom to contact if you’re hurt. For example, enter “ICE husband John” and the phone number.

Meet Your Neighbors

  • Meet your neighbors and find out whether they have medical or other expertise. Plan to unite if your neighborhood becomes isolated. Help elderly, disabled or single-parent neighbors create an emergency plan. Get contact information for their relatives.

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