Pandemic Flu News and Updates

Pandemic Flu

UW Pandemic Flu News Updates & Preparedness and Response Resources

The following UW Departments and units have a role in the planning for, response to, and/or recovery from a pandemic flu outbreak impacting the university. Each department or unit may post pandemic flu-specific actions, activities or policies on their individual homepages:

  • Campus Health/UWMC Stockpiling of critical health care resources and protective equipment for medical staff, health education, mass casualties, etc…

  • Environmental Health & Safety
    EH&S acts as the official “public health authority” for the UW, assists departments in workplace health and safety practices, coordinates use of UW facilities by state, county or city.

  • Facilities Services Transportation Energy & Water Custodial Services Engineering Campus Operations

  • Hall Health Student, faculty/staff travel restrictions, stockpiling of critical resources and protective equipment for campus medical providers

  • Housing and Food Services
    Operates student housing, residence hall dining, retail dining, conference housing, catering services and a campus debit-card program.

  • Human Resources
    Human resource issues including sick leave, payroll, assisting UW departments in determining “essential” staff designations, etc…

  • Intercollegiate Athletics
    Social distancing, use of facilities, restrictions on sporting events and travel of student athletes

  • News and Information (Media Relations)
    Develops official news stories, primary contact with the media, assists the President and Cabinet in all issues related to public relations and media involvement

  • Risk Management
    Risk management would be involved in a pandemic with professional liability coverage for UW providers acting as volunteers for other agencies; insurance coverage that might apply; and workers’ compensation issues

  • Student Life
    Student activities and “social distancing” efforts, development of alternate teaching methods

  • UW Emergency Management
    Public awareness campaign, EOC management, coordination with City, County and State,

  • UW Police
    Campus security

  • UW Tacoma Campus Security
    Campus Security,Emergency management Liaison, coordinates with Tacoma Pierce County Health Department

  • UW Tacoma Student Affairs
    Student activities, housing and student wellness and counseling

  • UW Information Technology
    Computer maintenance, telecommuting logistics, campus communication alternatives