Dream Project

If you are a current UW student, are passionate about educational equity, and are interested in developing your leadership skills, register for a UW Dream Project course to mentor and/or apply for one of our internship positions and get involved!

Become a mentor by registering for EDUC 260 or EDUC 360 and EDUC 369!

Our lectures meet Mondays from 11:30AM – 12:40PM or  3:10PM-4:20PM. In class, you’ll learn about different post-secondary pathways, and discuss matters related to educational equity, social justice, and college access. The course is EDUC 260 for first quarter mentors and EDUC 360 for returning mentors. These are 1-credit classes that count for I&S credits. In addition to ONE of these lecture courses, mentors must also register for EDUC 369, a high school visit.  EDUC 369 includes a high school-specific breakout (or quiz section) that takes place on Mondays from 4:30PM-5:00PM. Dream Project mentors dedicate an average time commitment of 4-6 hours per week. All courses are graded as credit/no-credit.  Transportation to and from high schools is provided by the Dream Project. Times and locations of high school visits vary and are viewable on the UW time schedule under EDUC 369.

  • Click here to visit the UW time schedule!