Dream Project

January 24, 2017

Leadership Corner: What’s in Store for Steering this Year?

By Jordan Tuia, Public Health Senior

Jordan Tuia

Jordan Tuia serving as Dream Project’s current Steering Manager

I have been the manager of Steering since Spring 2016. The Steering body exists to work through both the core and peripheral functions of the Dream Project program; it essentially steers the organization as a whole to ensure we are fulfilling our aim of supporting students in every facet of our work. The body consists of leaders from the many moving parts of the program: 9th and 10th Grade Outreach, Recruitment, Advancement, High School Leads, Events, Community Partnerships, and Public Relations.

My role as Steering Manager is unique in that my responsibilities are directly reflective of those of Steering. The goal is to allow an open space for thoughtful discussion while gathering multiple perspectives on the impact of our work. As a community, we have navigated and overcome many daunting obstacles while the thoughtfulness and commitment of members persist. It is my hope that we continue our path of troubleshooting through programmatic hurdles while cultivating a sustainable and equitable culture moving forward.

As Steering Manager, I am also charged with assisting in the coordination of program-wide professional development and collaboration in the form of All-Team Meetings. This year has brought many exciting changes, including a new focus on outsourcing these professional developments to provide more comprehensive and substantial opportunities for our leaders.

After surveying all of leadership, we identified the three topics most pertinent to the needs of our program: racial equity, community engagement, and leadership development. We currently have Scott Winn and Norma Timbang from the UW School of Social Work scheduled to lead a racial equity training this February for all leaders.

I originally began my journey in leadership as a High School Lead at HS3 and though I immensely enjoyed working with students, mentors, and leaders, I found myself overwhelmed by the potential of the program. After my High School Lead term ended, the Steering Manager position opened up and saw many of the various leaders who I have worked with over the past year joining the Steering team. Hoping to continue collaborating with leaders to best support students, I signed up to facilitate the Steering Committee. So far, it has been a great experience and I appreciate everything I have learned from the Dream Project community. After college, I hope to continue my education in public health while expanding my knowledge of the influence of K-12 education on the trajectory of health.