Dream Project

October 20, 2017

Dream Project Staff Transitions

By Nicole Guenther

Medha Raman, Nicole Guenther, guest speaker Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa, Shannon Muscat (October 2017)

Left to Right: Medha Raman, Nicole Guenther, guest speaker Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa, Shannon Muscat (October 2017)

After five years with Dream Project as a staff member, I’ve recently accepted a new job in the UW School of Social Work, as Assistant Director of their Bachelor’s program.

When I went to an information session about mentoring high school students on applying to college during Dawg Daze in 2009, I didn’t realize that this choice would shape my next 8+ years. From mentoring at Odyssey, to serving as a High School Lead at Ida B Wells, to working with five cohorts of lecture leads on our evolving class curriculum, I have learned so much as during my time with the Dream Project.

A few highlights that stand out to me:

  • Seeing students I’ve known and supported since they were in high school now earning their master’s degrees and becoming educators and community leaders.
  • Being part of our curriculum evolving to engage institutionalized oppression and privilege and identity in new and more thoughtful ways.
  • Travelling with a group of student leaders to participate in the 2014 Northwest Teaching for Social Justice conference in Portland, and camping out at my grandma’s overnight. She still talks about how much she enjoyed hosting all of us.
  • Learning about college access, mentorship, and social justice and being able to bring resources and support to my family, friends, and neighbors to help them access opportunities and navigate systems.

It’s been an honor to support so many cohorts of student leaders and learn alongside you. Please keep in touch and stop by anytime! My new office will be in the Social Work building (SWS), room 238G. I’m still happy to be a reference or write letters of recommendation even though my role has changed.

Nesley Bravo, Dream Project Staff, Curriculum

Nesley Bravo, Dream Project Staff, Curriculum

We feel confident that the curriculum will continue evolving because starting November 6th, Nesley Bravo will join the Dream Project staff team and take on my role. Nesley was an active student leader with the Dream Project from 2012-2015. She mentored at Global Connections high school for five quarters and served as College & Career Readiness Assistant at Chief Sealth International High School. She was an EDUC 360 lecture lead and also designed and led an EDUC 361 seminar, Oppression through Policy.

Outside of her Dream Project experience, she also served as a College Persistence Program Assistant with College Access Now and a mentor with OMAD’s Mentor Power for Success program. She participated in Pipeline’s Alternative Spring Break and served as an Orientation Leader for incoming freshmen.

Since she graduated from UW, Nesley has earned her Master’s in Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, and worked as a Partnership Associate with the non-profit Skyway Solutions. She has experience facilitating Intergroup Dialogues, coaching youth on applying to financial aid, and running social justice workshops for high school students.

Beyond all these credentials, we think Nesley is a genuinely thoughtful, critical, caring, and dedicated person. We’re so excited to have Nesley return to Dream Project in a staff capacity.