Dream Project

January 23, 2018

Alumni Spotlight: Pacharamart Khong-Kha-Ngam

By Pacharamart Khong-Kha-Ngam

Dream Project Alumni, Pacharamart Khong-Kha-Ngam

Dream Project Alumni, Pacharamart Khong-Kha-Ngam

I have had a long history with Dream Project. I started out as a mentee in the program at Auburn Senior High School. I started my Junior year. I was in the program for 2 years and was a recipient of the Living the Dream Scholarship as well. That’s really how it all started for me. I loved the experience, I loved my mentors, and I wanted to come back and give other students that same energy, in terms of someone who cares and wants to help them succeed in whatever path they choose. I took the opportunity as soon is as presented itself to me (my junior year at UW). Being a first generation student, I know there are others like me. Until Dream Project, I didn’t have anyone at all to guide me and teach me about all these things. My parents were strangers to the American education. We were all foreigners trying to figure it out. Dream project in part, helped me access the potential I had. I want to be able to do that for other students.


Dream Project has definitely changed my outlook on a lot of things. It teachers you personally, how to grow as person. How to better be involved and better communicate with students. It teaches you how to essentially be a better teacher (mentor). It also gives you a different outlook on life and makes you appreciate the things that you have. And more importantly, it has made me want to be more involved in my community and reach out and help more students.


Currently I work for the University gym and the Seattle Mariner’s Organization. I ultimately would like to be a Certified Athletic Trainer. I have been a part of a couple of programs here at the University since I was first accepted (Foster’s YEOC, Samuel E Kelly’s Mentor Power for Success, UW Leadership Certificate). I am currently on my third year as an athletic training intern for the athletic department here at UW.