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The lifeblood of the program is the 250+ college student mentors that visit local high schools every week to mentor juniors and seniors. These mentors can receive two University of Washington credits per quarter or may elect to volunteer their time without receiving credit.


All mentors are given training and support to develop personal and professional skills as they complete their commitments as mentors. All mentors constantly provide feedback about the program to those in leadership positions. Learn more about becoming a mentor in the Dream Project.

High School Leads

High school leads (HSLs) coordinate the logistics of their respective high school’s visits. Some of the primary responsibilities of this role include planning travel logistics between the UW campus and the high school site, being a liaison between high school staff and UW program staff, facilitating a weekly quiz section for their mentor group, and overseeing mentors in the field (at a local partner high school). HSLs work closely with school staff, high school students and mentors to cater Dream Project visits to meet the needs of our school partners.

College and Career Readiness Assistant Interns

CCRAs are UW undergraduates (and often experienced Dream Project mentors) who work with students in middle and high schools, under a school staff on site supervisor for 12 hours a week to support any school and/or district  identified college and career readiness related needs. Currently 36 CCRA interns are working at 32 school placement sites, across seven districts (in the Road Map Region). The day to day work of CCRA intern varies depending on the needs and priorities of the school placement site. The CCRA intern program is housed out of UW Seattle and supported by a full time professional staff member, Dream Project’s Assistant Director of Community Relations, who is dedicated to program management including the selection, training, support and oversight of interns.

Steering Committee

The Steering committee is composed of experienced undergraduate student leaders who support other student leaders in their Dream Project work. Each member of the committee is responsible for supporting other leaders in his/her leadership portfolio/body. Leaders work on different aspects of the Dream Project, including classroom planning/curriculum, recruitment, high school relationships, program advancement, community partnerships, and web development.


Jessica Hunnicutt

Jessica Hunnicutt Batten


Jessica focuses on supporting Dream Project events and general program operations. Before working at the Dream Project, Jessica was a Coordinator of Leadership Programs at the UW OMAD Ethnic Cultural Center.

Eric Lopez

Manager of Community Relations



Nesley Bravo

Nesley Bravo

Manager of Curriculum & Student Services

Nesley was an active student leader with the Dream Project since 2012 as a mentor, CCRA and Lecture Lead. Nesley became a staff member in 2017. Nesley’s work focuses on supporting the lecture leads and high school leads in curriculum development and implementation.

AmeriCorps Members

In addition to managing the front-desk and handling administrative work such as sales and reservations, this year’s AmeriCorps Members also provide programmatic support and assistance with the development of professional training resources for mentors and leaders. A large part of their work is to support the different leadership bodies within Dream Project, such as High School Leads, Events Committee, Recruitment Team, and all mentors in the program. In addition, they have individual projects currently in the works. They are in the office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, so come by and say hi!



Athena Bollozos

Washington Service Corps AmeriCorps Member 2017-2018




Shukri Salad

Washington Service Corps AmeriCorps Member 2017-2018