Dream Project

Updates to UW Dream Project Programming due to COVID-19:

In light of current and expected coronavirus case counts in Washington, more than 90% of class sections on the Seattle campus will be held online starting Fall 2020, including UW Dream Project courses. The UW Dream Project has made the following temporary changes to our programming and services:

Weekly Mentorship Program

  • With school being conducted virtually and physical distancing guidelines in place, instead of meeting in-person with high school students weekly, Dream Project mentors (students enrolled in UWDP courses) will create virtual resources for high school students that will be made available to partner schools on a weekly basis. Dream Project will also implement the Remind texting service, which allows high school students to text in questions related to post-secondary planning and receive same day responses.
  • We will not be holding any in-person events or activities until further notice.

College & Career Readiness Assistants Program

  • College & Career Readiness Assistant (CCRA) interns will conduct their hours and continue to support their placement schools in a remote setting. CCRAs will work closely with their school site supervisor to support virtual college & career readiness efforts.
  • We will not be holding any in-person events or activities until further notice.

Our Mission

Due to historical and institutional racism, the U.S. education system does not support every student equally. Students of color and students from low-income households are less likely to receive the support and resources to prepare for their futures. Neither race nor socioeconomic status should predict any outcome. Through mentorship, we support students in navigating complex systems such as the workforce, financial aid, and college admissions. Our goal is to empower students with the tools and information to make and enact a plan for their futures.

Our Model

UW Dream Project, housed in UW’s Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity (EXPD), is a community engagement and leadership education program. Through service learning courses and near-peer mentorship, we connect UW undergraduate students with local middle and high school students to support post-secondary planning and college access. There are two main components of the program:

Weekly Mentorship Program

On a quarterly basis, UW students enrolled in our service-learning courses (EDUC 260, 360, & 369), learn about effective mentoring strategies, a variety of post-secondary pathways, and issues pertaining to educational equity in the K-12 system. The service-learning component of the course involves weekly visits to local partner high schools to work directly with students on post-secondary planning and navigating the college applications process.

College & Career Readiness Assistants (CCRAs) Program

CCRAs are stipended interns who support local middle and high schools in district and school identified college & career readiness initiatives. CCRAs are UW undergraduate students who are selected and trained by UW Dream Project staff. CCRAs work 10-12 hours per week at their assigned site school and are jointly supervised by the school placement site’s College & Career Counselor and Dream Project’s Manager of Community Relations. The CCRA intern term is one academic year (Sep – June).