UW TV Interview

The following article appeared in the October 30, 1997 issue of University Week. Reprinted with permission.

Dr. Sheryl Burgstahler has made it her mission to help students with disabilities achieve their college and career goals. As director of Accessible Technology Services for UW Computing & Communications, she looks for ways that technology can make learning and employment more accessible to those with disabilities. Through the DO-IT Scholars program that Burgstahler founded and directs, hundreds of students with disabilities have achieved successful careers—commonly in fields such as science, engineering and technology.

Burgstahler was recognized recently with the prestigious 2006 Harry J. Murphy Catalyst Award, which honors those who bring people together and facilitate the efforts of others in the field of technology and disability. Her program has gained an international reputation, aspects of which are modeled by institutions across the country and around the world.

Read the UWTV Insider interview with Dr. Burgstahler and be sure to catch the new DO-IT programs that air this month: "Self-Examination: Is Your Campus Accessible?" and "Invisible Disabilities & Postsecondary Education."