DO-IT Partners

An AccessComputing partner works with a student on a coding project.

DO-IT thrives through partnerships. Partners engage with us to discover new ideas, spread our mission, recruit participants, and implement interventions that help make the world more welcoming and accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Partners participate in our programs with the following activities:

  • engaging in conferences and capacity building institutes and other conferences
  • participating in project training and communities of practice
  • committing to making their courses, resources, programs, facilities, and/or workplaces and hiring practices more welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities
  • exploring internship opportunities for students with disabilities in their fields
  • gathering and sharing data used to measure changes in the engagement of people with disabilities in their programs
  • reviewing resumes, sharing networking opportunities, and hiring capable students with disabilities

To learn more about becoming a partner in a DO-IT project, send an email to