What Do Phase II Scholars Do?

Phase II Scholars returned for their second Summer Study. They met the Phase I Scholars, learned about college life and career preparation, and participated in two-week workshops learning about the environment and digital media.

Phase II NOAA Workshop

Angela, 2020 Scholar

This year the NOAA Workshop had a variety of activities that were both enlightening and informative. During 2021, we took part in these activities online over Zoom. Even without the joys of experiencing the NOAA camp in person. DO-IT and NOAA still managed to keep everyone captivated, with the intro to the diverse food web, the impacts from even the smallest organism, and what we as the audience can do to keep both our environment and our native organisms preserved and safe.

Rooted in Rights

Kayla Brown, DO-IT Staff

Every summer at DO-IT Summer Study, Phase II Scholars participate in workshops led by experts in various fields in a hands-on, specialized experience. This summer, DO-IT partnered with Rooted in Rights (RIR), an organization that produces videos and social media campaigns exclusively on disability rights issues. Students produced short videos exploring topics of their choice, many focusing on disability rights. This experience exposed Scholars to all aspects of video-making, including storyboards, scripting, and editing. 

Here is what some participants had to say about their time with RIR instructors:

  • Braxton: I’ve done video production as a hobby before, so it was super interesting and fun to take my hobby and connect it to another part of my life. With all of the staff there to help, it was reassuring to know that I was on the right track at every step.
  • Manuel: The RIR workshop is a perfect way to learn how to combat ableism and share your experience. You also get to learn about what it’s like to make a film and learn some helpful tips!
  • Miles: The RIR workshop was a very great experience for me. I had a fun time making my video. I would gladly recommend it to other Scholars.
  • Clarice: I really enjoyed the RIR workshop, since I was able to talk about my disability (deaf) in a creative way and spread more awareness by posting the video on TikTok. My peers have been more advocating since posting the video, all thanks to RIR! 

You can check out RIR and DO-IT Scholars’ past collaborative videos on the Rooted in Rights' website.