Juggling Two Summer Camps

Sophia, 2021 Scholar

This summer, I participated in both the Changemakers in Computing program (CIC) and the DO-IT Summer Study program. These experiences provided me with valuable insights into computing for social good and ways that I can ask for accommodations in college for my hearing loss. 

Throughout the CIC and DO-IT Summer Study programs, I was introduced to two different ways society views disability: the medical and social models of disability. The medical model of disability views disability as a defect within the individual that can only be “fixed” by health care professionals.

This model portrays disability negatively and degrades individuals with disabilities. The social model of disability paints disability in a better light, where society’s features inhibit an individual from fully accessing resources and functions due to existing barriers. Most importantly, incorporating accessibility features into society can support people with a diverse range of abilities. This comparison between the two models opened my mind to how society portrays disability in varying ways with different opinions. 

During the CIC program, I learned about programming fundamentals and created a hackathon project about internet connectivity, tying together computing with social issues. The DO-IT program allowed me to critically think about how I can advocate for myself with regards to accommodations for college and the variety of assistive technology that are designed by people with varying abilities to support diverse backgrounds. 

Culminating my experiences with the DO‑IT and CIC programs, I look forward to continuing to build personal projects that incorporate universal design and accessibility and sharing social issues with others using computing.