Star Wars Virtual Movie Night

Sammy, 2021 Scholar
Sammy's "Baby Yoda" Doll

We had multiple virtual movie nights throughout Summer Study. On July 14, we had our first movie. I had an awesome time watching Star Wars: A New Hope on Zoom with my fellow Phase 1 Scholars and DO-IT Staff Tami Tidwell and Kayla Brown. One of my favorite features of having a movie night on Zoom was the chat, because we were able to make comments without ruining the movie by talking over it. 

The funniest comments from the Scholars and staff were jokes about the contradictions in the movie. My favorite comment was when a Scholar pointed out the Imperial Stormtroopers’ lack of aim after Ben Kenobi said their aim was precise. This was my favorite because once it was pointed out, another Scholar later commented to point out when the Imperial gunners shot poorly. I loved watching Star Wars with my fellow Scholars and can’t wait to have more conversations in the chat at the next movie night!