SnackMagic Snack Packs

Ashlee, 2021 Scholar

SnackMagic is a company that sends snacks boxes to you in the mail that you can customize with amazing items such as snacks, beverages, and other products. Since we were participating in the DO-IT Scholars program from home, we got to look forward to SnackMagic each week! 

Ashlee shows off her goods from SnackMagic.

SnackMagic has a variety of snacks and beverages to choose from. If you have specific dietary food restrictions or allergies, SnackMagic gives you the option to choose which kinds of foods or drinks you may want to add to your snack box such as vegan, vegetarian, and others. 

When you click on the snack you want, it will show you a description of what ingredients and nutrients are in the snack or beverage. The description will even show what is not in the snack or beverage in case someone is allergic to any of the ingredients. If you enjoyed the snack and want to find more like them, the description will also show a variety of other snacks from the same company.

One of the most useful categories is the “Work and Play” section, where you get to pick items such as journals, pencil holders, etc. You can even add a nice touch to your home by buying a vase with roses or get a few coffee mugs for your morning coffee.

The final thing you can add to your snack box is an item such as a “last minute touch” or a “mystery snack” that gets added without any extra money spent. This was fun because it added something cool or tasty as a bonus! I loved all the cool things I got to pick from DO-IT.