The DO-IT Summer Program

Jocelyn, 2021 Scholar

Have you ever applied to get into a summer camp program? Not too long ago, I applied to the DO-IT Scholars Summer Study program. At first, I was a little skeptical because I’m not used to getting out of my comfort zone to try new things. But my cousin used to work for the program, and she recommended the program to me and convinced me to apply. I was so surprised when I got the email that I got in! I thought that out of all the students who applied, I might not make it. I had to wait a few months to hear back, but it was so great that it was good news.

I began to feel excited to try something new, but scared because I didn’t know all these new people. During the first meeting, everyone was super welcoming. I really admired how the teachers took the time throughout the program to check up on each student and made sure that we were all understanding everything that was going on. I also really liked that if you were struggling or didn’t really feel comfortable sharing your problems, you could send a private chat or text to one of the teachers and they would reach out to you at the end of the day to check in. They also sent out surveys that encouraged you to ask any questions you might have had.

I also really enjoyed the night activities. There were new activities and something for everyone. At these events, both Phase I and II got together and watched movies, played games, and sometimes even just shared in conversations. I genuinely wish more people knew about the DO-IT Scholars program since it has been such a great opportunity.