AccessComputing Offers Webinars for Computing Educators and Employers

Brianna Blaser, DO-IT Staff
Ability continuum presentation slide

AccessComputing can lead online presentations and discussions for your department, institution, organization, or another group of colleagues. These presentations can include specific strategies that your department or organization could utilize to move towards becoming more welcoming and accessible to students with disabilities or how you could include accessibility topics in your instruction or research.

Below is a short list of some of the topics of presentations we can offer:  

  • Integrating Disability-Related Topics in a Computing Course
  • Accessibility is Becoming Mainstream
  • Introduction to Ability-Based Design
  • Panel of Students with Disabilities in Computing
  • Perspectives of People with Disabilities Regarding Accessibility
  • Teaching an Accessible Online Course
  • Accessible Online Meetings and Presentations
  • Designing Accessible Documents, Videos, and/or Websites
  • Accessibility and Third-Party Products and Services
  • Universal Design of Teaching and Learning
  • Why is Data on Disability so Hard to Collect and Understand?
  • US Laws about Accessibility
  • Tailor-Made Talk, Panel, or Discussion

Visit Host a Webinar for more information about webinars and how to request one for your organization.