Microsoft AI Technology

Anthony, Phase 1 Scholar

During Summer Study, Heather Dowdy, a senior program manager at the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Accessibility Center in Microsoft, talked to us about Microsoft AI Technology and how it helps empower people with disabilities. She advised us to be brave, be curious, and be open-minded. She also shared how AI can be used in the environment, culture, human rights, and more. 

During this online Summer Study session, I learned that Microsoft AI Technology is a framework for creating artificial intelligence solutions for data, sciences, machine learning, and more. Someday everyone could use it for tasks as varied as preparing for a job interview or as collective as protecting our environment. AI could potentially save our environment from pollution by analyzing better data models. I am considering studying environmental science in college. Engaging in this session may help me apply AI technology to solve environmental issues and help reduce speed of climate change. 

Another thing that AI can be used for is in health fields. Healthcare is even more important now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe AI could help us find a cure for coronavirus and other infectious diseases. More advances in healthcare could increase our lifespan in the upcoming years. I am also interested in healthcare and how AI technology can be used to improve our lives.