Communities of Practice (CoP)

Two participants chat over an ice breaker.

CBI participants are welcomed into two CoPs:


ERC INCLUDES - This affinity group brings together individuals from NSF-funded Engineering Research Centers (ERCs) and individuals who work to lead and support NSF-funded INCLUDES initiatives. Members will share best practices that create a robust culture of inclusion and diversity in both programs. The group will address ways to make activities and resources accessible and inclusive; develop collaborations; collect and report data on diversity; and include people with diverse characteristics in leadership roles, research, and activities.

Individuals can join the ERC INCLUDES CoP by joining the NSF INCLUDES National Network.

AccessERC CoP

Populated with individuals who work at NSF-funded ERCs across the United States, members of the AccessERC Community of Practice (CoP)

  • discuss how to recruit participants with disabilities and accommodate them in their programs and activities;
  • recruit their student participants with disabilities into disability-related e-mentoring, internships, and workshops to complement their activities;
  • discuss the implementation of universal design to make facilities, products, and activities more welcoming and accessible to individuals with disabilities;
  • discuss best practices and resources identified at capacity-building institutes; and
  • share ideas about seed grants, new initiatives, and lessons learned.

Individuals can join the AccessERC CoP by contacting

For information about other CoPs hosted by DO-IT, consult ​Communities of Practice on the DO-IT website.