Phase I Scholars Share What They Learned

By Sheryl Burgstahler, DO-IT Director
Student raises their hand.

Phase I Scholar Allison answers a question during a visit to KUOW.

Each summer, the DO-IT Scholars program hosts 45 high school and college students with disabilities on the UW campus, where they learn about technology, self-advocacy, college-preparation, and disability culture. During the 2019 Summer Study, first-year students offered to share what they learned this year. Some highlights include the following:

  • How to request accommodations from Disability Resources for Students
  • What different accommodations there are, and what might pertain to me
  • Planning is very important in college
  • How to work with professors
  • There are a variety of resources on campus I can use
  • University of Washington is a big campus, and I might prefer a smaller campus
  • Getting to know everyone helped me make friends and connections for my future
  • There are lots of cool accessibility features in smart phones and computers
  • Microsoft has a lot of cool accessibility features for gaming
  • Websites can be very accessible.
  • How to work in HTML
  • Bowling can be fun and accessible
  • There are options for living accessibly and independently
  • It’s ok to be different and just be me