Staff Profile: Jungsoo Kim

Jungsoo Kim smiles at the camera, with a background of flowers.

Hello, my name is Jungsoo Kim. I am a visiting scholar from South Korea at the DO-IT Center. I am researching universal design and the special education system here in the US, as well as seeing how DO-IT operates.

I received my bachelor’s degree in special education from Dankook University, South Korea and I earned my master’s degree in special physical education from Korea National Sport University, with my dissertation entitled An Action Research on the Application of Interactive Video Games on Students with Disabilities. I then earned my doctoral degree at Dankook University, focusing on the development and application of science education programs based on augmented reality for people with disabilities. My research interests are in educational technology, assistive technology, and educational content for children with disabilities.

I have taught children with disabilities for about 10 years in private and public special schools. I became an educational researcher in 2013. I worked at the Information Support Division of the National Institute of Special Education (NISE) for about four years before transferring to the Special Education Policy Division of the Ministry of Education, Korea. More specifically, my major role at NISE was to host the National Information Competition for Students with Disabilities and the National E-Sports Competition for Students with Disabilities, evaluate web accessibility at special education schools, and develop mobile applications for learning. My role at the Ministry of Education is to manage the recruitment size for special school teachers, protect the rights of disabled students, provide online video training courses for students with health impairments, and manage support projects for young children.

Dr. Sheryl Burgstahler and DO-IT are widely known to NISE for their incredible commitment to empowering people with disabilities through technology and education. In South Korea there is a growing interest in improving the distribution system for existing assistive technologies, as well as a wider implementation of universal design. DO-IT is a good role model. During my stay here, I would like learn new ideas to help improve the special education in Korea.

I am staying here in the US with my family. We arrived in the US in late February. We are enjoying the beautiful sceneries and the cultural diversity around Seattle. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to spend some time exploring Seattle and recharging my batteries.