Ambassador Profile: Anna

Head shot of Anna.

Hello, my name is Anna. I hold degrees in early childhood education, special education, and applied behavioral science. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in special education with certification in applied behavior analysis. While earning my bachelor’s, I was given the opportunity to co‑develop and teach the first disabilities studies course offered in the Seattle Colleges District. Since getting my foot in the door of teaching, I have guest lectured on many college campuses and organizations throughout King County on various subjects such as disability rights, able-bodied privilege, media representation of disabilities, ableism, and many others.

I jump at any opportunity to educate about disabilities, as oppression and ableism are learned aspects of behavior. Last year, my research on sibling relationships between typically developing children and their autistic sibling was showcased at the Disability Studies Symposium at the University of Washington, noting the importance of acknowledging nuerodivergence and that everyone socializes in different ways. This year, my research on the importance of universal design of learning will be showcased at the Teaching and Learning Symposium, also at the University of Washington.

Following graduate school, I plan to pursue a doctoral degree in disability studies and teach on the subject. My research and dissertation will focus on determining the most effective intervention strategies to eradicate oppression and implicit bias towards individuals with disabilities, while furthering the disability movement.