Communities of Practice

Scott leads a small working group discussion.

Populated with individuals who work at NSF-funded ERCs across the United States, members of the ERC Community of Practice (CoP) hosted by AccessERC

  • discuss how to recruit participants with disabilities and accommodate them in their programs and activities;
  • recruit their student participants with disabilities into disability-related e-mentoring, internships, and workshops to complement their activities;
  • discuss the implementation of universal design to make facilities, products, and activities more welcoming and accessible to individuals with disabilities;
  • discuss best practices and resources identified at capacity-building institutes; and
  • share promising practices and lessons learned, as well as ideas about seed grants and new initiatives.

ERC associates can join the AccessERC CoP by sending the following information to

  • name
  • position/title
  • institution
  • postal address
  • email address
  • name of the CoP

For information about other CoPs hosted by DO-IT, consult