AccessComputing Minigrants (AccessComputing News - January 2016)

Since 2006, AccessComputing has contributed funds to support computing- and information technology-related activities, training, and experiential learning opportunities nationwide. Funds have been used to expand existing computing events to involve students with disabilities, create new stand-alone events designed to attract students with disabilities into computing fields, and support professional development opportunities. We’d like to share some of the creative and exciting ways people from all over the country are working to increase the number of people with disabilities successfully pursuing computing careers.

Congratulations to all of these recipients for conducting successful projects!

  • Ather Sharif ran the evoHaX Special Edition hackathon. The hackathon had over 75 participants and focused on building wearable technologies that are accessible. The teams targeted a broader range of disabilities through collaboration between professional developers, students, therapists, and people with disabilities.
  • The Empowering Blind Students in Science and Engineering workshop engaged 18 students and 16 mentors who are blind learn a variety of resources and mindfulness strategies to balance demanding course loads.
  • Sherry Hahn, in collaboration with Andreas Stefik, and Derrick Smith hosted a workshop titled Computer Programming Camp: Expanding Computer Science to Blind and Visually Impaired Students. The camp was a hands-on workshop for middle and high school teachers designed to prepare educators to teach computer programming to students who are blind or visually impaired.
  • Dr. Cydale C. Smith hosted the second annual Science, Art, and Health Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama. The event highlighted the connection between science and the arts. With  participation from NASA, U.S. Army, local colleges and local companies, an estimated 500 on-site participants and 1,000 online participants (with over one third being students with disabilities) participated in activities such as the Kids-Hackathon.

I encourage you to consider applying for minigrant funds.