2010 Ambassadors

Group photo of 2010 DO-IT Scholars

The following Ambassadors began participating in DO-IT as Scholars in 2010. They continue to pursue college and career goals and encourage younger DO-IT Scholars and Ambassadors.

Image of Shawn
Shawn, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Shawn, and I am blind. I attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in pursuit of a degree in mechanical engineering along with three minors: business, mathematics, and aerospace engineering. I like wrestling, driving all-terrain vehicles and cars, playing sports, and doing other outdoor activities. I am studying abroad in Germany this summer.

Image of Rosa'Lea
Rosa’Lea, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Rosa’Lea. I plan to attend Spokane Community College in the Culinary Arts Program. I have a learning disability.

Image of Ryan
Ryan, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Ryan. I work at Lowes, and I am currently interning at Garage Auto Hero to develop my skills working on cars. I enjoy exploring my creativity with hands-on activities and challenging myself with math and architecture problem solving. I also enjoy designing and woodworking. I have sickle cell disease.

Image of Damon
Damon, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Damon. I will be a junior at the University of Washington (UW). I plan to major in American Indian studies and anthropology. My goal is to become a college professor or a K-12 teacher. I enjoy music and camping.

Image of Marlise
Marlise, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Marlise. I have Friedrich’s ataxia, a genetic neuromuscular disorder. Currently, I attend Western Washington University (WWU), and I plan to declare a major in creative writing. I stay active in theatre, and I was in several plays at WWU. I would like to have a career as a playwright or screenwriter. My dream job would be writing for Saturday Night Live.

Image of Garrett
Garrett, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Garrett. I hope to study business and economics at the UW. I like studying Spanish, world issues, and problem solving. I enjoy music, video games, movies, and hanging out with friends. I also like bi-skiing and playing power wheelchair soccer.

Image of Angela
Angela, ‘10 Scholar

Hi! My name is Angela. I attend Gonzaga University, majoring in psychology in hopes of going into pediatric psychiatry. I enjoy hanging out with friends, cooking new recipes, and watching movies. I completed an internship at the UW Center for Neurotechnology. I have a form of congenital myopathy.

Image of Maximo
Maximo, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Maximo. I attend Flagler College where I am pursuing a degree in business. I will graduate with my bachelor’s degree this December with plans to travel after graduation. Last summer, I completed an internship at an entertainment and events company working on graphic arts and stage set up. This past semester, I interned with Mathews Design mainly focusing on architecture work. I enjoy art, writing, and music. I play the drums. I have dyslexia, so it is hard for me to read and spell.

Image of Benjy
Benjy, ‘10 Scholar

Hello, my name is Benjy, and I attend Washington State University (GO COUGS!). I am interested in hospitality business management with a focus in hotels and restaurants.

Image of Eric
Eric, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Eric. I attend the UW. I enjoy studying math and science, and hope to eventually earn a master’s degree in engineering. I enjoy playing golf. I have Crohn’s disease.

Image of Nicco
Nicco, ‘10 Scholar

My name is Nicco, I am studying computational physics, with a minor is history at Washington State University. I’m the logistics coordinator and an instructor for The Wolf College, a outdoor education and training company. I am also part of a brand new survival training organization called the Wildernesses Wannabe[ast]s. I have trained with civilian, law enforcement, and military working dogs in protection and felony, drug, and explosives searches. I was an army cadet with the Cougar Battalion.

Image of Tatsuro
Tatsuro, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Tatsuro. I have Duchenne muscular dystrophy. I am attending Seattle Pacific University studying English. I enjoy studying and reading about the creation and evolution debate. I also enjoy art and English classes. I would like to continue learning about these subjects, and hope to become an artist and a writer. I love animals and have a snake, bearded dragon, and two cats. I am a Christian and my faith is the driving force of my life.

Image of Niki
Niki, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Niki. I attend the UW, where I am studying psychology. I enjoy many types of music and go to concerts with my friends. I have amyoplasia arthrogryposis.

Image of Cristina
Cristina, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Cristina. I enjoy traveling and participating in community work for underrepresented populations. I attended a language school in Guatemala and did community work with the indigenous populations in rural areas. I am studying political science and law, diversity, and justice at Western Washington University (WWU), and I plan to pursue law school afterwards. This academic year, I will be the new disability outreach center coordinator for the Associated Students of WWU. I’ve had a chronic skin condition since 2005.

Image of Krysta
Krysta, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Krysta. I attend Central Washington University. I’m majoring in social services and working on minors in American Sign Language (ASL) and ethnic studies. I’m working as a teaching assistant for the ASL program and preparing for an internship working with disability services in Ellensburg this summer.

Image of Jenica
Jenica, ‘10 Scholar

Hi, my name is Jenica. I attend the UW. I hope to become a forensic psychologist and work with criminal or investigate cases. I have a visual impairment, and love meeting new people!